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Chamber Master

QA/QC Construction Manager (“CM”)

City of LaFayette
Job Description

QA/QC Construction Manager (“CM”)
Location: Lafayette, AL

This contract position represents the Owner for utility scale solar projects under construction and ensures they are built to perform efficiently throughout their entire designed lifespans. The CM verifies that processes are properly followed (Quality Assurance), and that what is being built complies with plans/specs AND Owner expectations (Quality Control/Quality Assurance)(“QA/QC”). Where deficiencies or issues occur, the CM drives the project teams toward corrective action.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (inclusive of the following):
Quality Assurance
Review and verify key project administration activities are executed, complete, and in compliance, including the following:
• EPC and Subcontractor daily reporting
• SWPPP maintenance and reporting
• Safety Program Execution, including incident reporting, JHA's and logs
• Inspection sign-offs by Authorities Having Jurisdiction
• Wildlife, environmental trainings
Review 3rd party inspection reports and ensure items are reviewed per the contract and design specifications.
Ensure EPC's, subcontractors and vendors are following current QA/QC processes as approved by Owner and EPC, including checklist sign-offs, issue identification, remediation, and associated verification. Be able to identify changes to design both administratively and in the field. Verify that proper change control processes are followed Identify, address, and drive corrective action to any deficiencies above. Understand what the team physically building the project said they are going to do, and make sure they are actually doing it (and doing it correctly)

Quality Control

Verify facility details constructed in the field comply with design/installation specifications, Owner's performance criteria, and applicable building codes best practices. Items to review in the field include the following:
• Civil/Site work elements, including road construction, fencing, trench dimensions, foundation/driven pile requirements, compaction requirements, vegetation, and placement of underground utilities.
• Mechanical elements as it relates to renewable solar construction, such as racking assemblies on piles, torque tube installation, motor installations, module clamping, mechanical fastening and torqueing, welding details as applicable, and others.
• Electrical elements as it relates to renewable solar construction, such as conductor/wire sizing, trenching requirements and specs, string wire management (including UV and weather protections, methods of attaching to racking elements, etc), electrical terminations and penetration sealing, grounding, basic low and medium voltage transformer checks, testing, commissioning, performance testing, and other electrical elements.
• PV Module related items, installation, product damage, frame and glass deflections, whip condition, etc.• Substation construction elements, such as foundations, underground substation utilities, grounding, prefabricated building construction,

Proficiency in reviewing of plans and specs and field verification of all components.


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Construction Management and at least 2 years of relevant work experience in Commercial, Industrial, or Electrical Construction
OR at least 6 years of relevant work experience in Commercial, Industrial, or Energy Utility Construction.
Strong Electrical Construction experience including working NEC knowledge recommended. Renewable Energy, Utility-Scale Solar PV experience a plus.
Ability to read construction plans, specifications, reports, and contract agreements.
Good understanding of key Construction Management processes, such as RFI's, Progress Tracking/Project Controls, Change Control processing, CPM scheduling, WBS and SOW breakdowns, and organizational hierarchies within a construction project.
Good emotional intelligence/awareness, or interest to develop quickly. Must be able to walk the line between representing the Owner as their first line of defense, and building team relationships to get things done effectively.
Strong familiarity with different PV solar tracking, inverter, module products recommended.
Strong Civil/Sitework Construction experience a plus
Substation / Distribution experience a plus
OSHA Certifications as required
Applicants should contact Mike Gallego at


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